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UV flatbed printer problems and solutions

Issuing time:2018-01-26 00:00

1, UV light goes out during printing.

Failure analysis: too low supply voltage orUV lamp out of lifespan.

Solution: If the UV lamp has been used of along time, remove the UV lamp tube to check the two if the two ends becomesblack. If yes,  replace the UV lamp;  if the lamp is not used for a long time,  use mutimeter to check if the voltage is low.If yes, add regulator and check again.

2, The printer carriage can go right, butcan not go left.

Failure Analysis: The printer can not readthe raster.

Solution: Detect whether the grating is inthe middle of the grating sensor and detect if the grating sensor is abnormal.

3, The print head current temperaturedisplays abnormalities and no temperature when it is   touched by hand.

Failure Analysis: Check if the print headtemperature line is abnormal.

Solution: reorganize the correspondingprint head cable or replace the print head plate.

4, The machine suddenly stop printing whenit is in normal power supply.

Fault Analysis: USB transmission signal isinterrupted.

Solution: first check if the USB cablecontact is not good and re-plug the USB cable; if the problem is not solved,you can directly change USB cable. And finally check whether the static is toomuch.

5, The printer carriage keeps shaking onX-axis when printing.

Failure analysis: X-axis movementresistance, or X-axis servo motor horsepower is insufficient.

Solution: first turn off the machine andmove the carriage by hand back and forth to check if the moving is smoothly, ifnot smooth, clean the X-axis guide chain and

add lubricating oil; If smooth, increasehorsepower of the servo motor .

6, Inks printed on the material can beeasily scraped.

Failure analysis: UV lamp poor curingeffect.

Solution: Use alcohol to wipe the UV lampquartz glass to make it better light transmission, and check the UV lightlifespan.

7, The machine starts normal, but UV lightcan not open up.

Failure analysis: UV lamp no power supply.

Solution: Check the UV lamp switch, relayand power supply.

8, Ink often goes back to the safetybottle.

Failure analysis: too high negativepressure

Solution: re-adjust the negative pressureand then look whether the ink still return, if not

problem has been resolved; If yes, you candirectly replace the negative pressure table.

9, 1PASS error often occurs in the printing.

Failure Analysis: Data error.

Solution; first re-make the printingpicture. If unresolved, re-install the computer system and print software.

10, The print software shows no connectionto the printer.

Failure Analysis: The computer is notconnected to the printer.

Solution: Check if the USB cable betweenthe printer and the computer is connected and the printer driver is installed.Replace the USB cable and check the computer USB interface and printer USBinterface.

11, When the machine starts, X-axis resetis not normal.

Failure analysis: X axis limit signal isabnormal.

Solution: check if the X axis limit andlimit sensor line is loose and further check if the sensor is damaged, Finally,check the X-axis servo signal.

12, When the machine starts, Y axis reset isnot normal.

Failure analysis: Y axis limit signal isabnormal.

Solution: check if the Y axis limit andlimit sensor line is loose and further check if the sensor is damaged.

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